Hawke's Bay Food & Beverage Sector

Hawke’s Bay may once have been branded as the ‘Fruit Bowl of New Zealand’, with our hot dry summers and fertile soil nurturing a huge and diverse horticulture sector in our region, but these days there’s certainly a lot more to our food and beverage industry than fruit.

We’re proud of that heritage, and the culture of innovation that has attracted great talent and created so many world-leading businesses right here in the Bay.

Our role is to support businesses on their journey from start-up through to scale up and beyond.  We work closely with all of the agencies and networks that are here to support business, with a focus on strategic regional projects and business development and growth. 

We support industry clients by creating opportunities to network, inform and educate, and we’re here to help your business to grow.  We can put you in touch with people who can help with capability building, technology, processing availability, research and development and business advice.

We manage food and beverage projects of benefit to the entire region and encourage strategic collaboration between businesses.

If you would like some support developing your food & beverage business or your new idea, or if you’d like information on whether Hawke's Bay is right base for your business, please click here to email Nicky.

Trash into Treasure

Hawke’s Bay is one of the country’s biggest food producers, which also means we are one of the biggest creators of food production waste. But an exciting new project is set to tackle this.

The recently launched initiative – Sustainable is Attainable Hawke’s Bay – is working to change trash into treasure, not only keeping waste from landfill but developing high-value by-products. With around 30 local businesses already committed to the project, it’s off to a strong start.

Nicky Solomon from Food & Beverage Hawke’s Bay is the coordinator for the project. “It kicked off at the end of 2021 after I had heard about the project in Timaru. Sustainable is Attainable Timaru has been running since 2019 and, with the backing of the district council’s development agency Venture Timaru, they’re already into the advanced research and feasibility stage.”

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