Terms of Use

Please read before confirming your booking and supplying the completed 'Application for Use of Premises' form.

Completing the ‘Application for Use of Premises’ form binds you to a number of conditions that are necessary to ensure that your activity is carried out safely and responsibly. Please read the following conditions carefully.

Rooms are available for hire for use that is aligned to the Hawke's Bay Business Hub purpose 'unleash your business potential'.

We appreciate your support.  Room hire provides an important contribution to the overhead of running, maintaining and further developing the meeting room facilities. 

Hirer Responsibilities

The Business Hub is a self-help environment.  Allow time in your booking for room set-up and clean-up. 

For all events the user is responsible for the setting out and putting away of any tables, chairs, or other resources including catering provided for the event.

Failure to return the room to its original state will incur a cleaning fee of up to $50.

Kitchen Facilities

Kitchen facilities operate on a clean-as-you-go policy so please ensure you have someone available to maintain this area if used.

Between the hours of 9am and 4pm week days, our Concierge will be happy to induct your caterer so they are familiar with the kitchen facilities and location of vacuum cleaner etc.

You or your caterer are responsible for setting up and clearing away. If you are hosting / presenting we suggest you bring a support person with you to assist with washing all dishes immediately after meal breaks, cleaning up, removing rubbish, wiping surfaces etc.

Please be respectful of other meetings when using kitchen facilities as noise from this area travels through to meeting rooms and other work areas.  


Some equipment may be available for use (data projector, whiteboard etc). 

One mobile electronic whiteboard and a phone for use in meeting rooms are available to be booked.  Three mobile whiteboards are available. 

The user is to supply own materials for use as applicable. 

It is highly recommended that the user tests the equipment in advance of their event to ensure technology compatibility.

The Concierge will assist the user in the correct operation of any equipment.


Coupons for free WiFi access are available from the Concierge. Please advise on the booking form if you need these. 


Please advise your guests that no parking is available in the Vetro customer carpark or outside the Four Square in Ossian Street. Please ensure the carparks for retailers are NOT used as they will be towed.

Parking on Bridge Street in front of the Business Hub is restricted to 120 minutes.

We have a limited number of undercover guest carparks available at the rear of our building, through the Mahia Street gate entrance way.  

Loss, Injury or Damage

The user is responsible for any damage done to the premises or resources made available for use. The user will pay for the replacement or repair of these.

Please report any damage to the Concierge. The Hawke’s Bay Business Hub will not be responsible for property brought onto the premises by the user or injury to any person attending the activity.

If there are any injuries or near misses on site, please report this to the Concierge if present or a Business Hub member.

Health & Safety

All visitors must sign in. If your meeting has more than 8 people please submit a list in advance to the Concierge or your Business Hub point of contact to prepare the sign in record.

The evacuation assembly point is outside the front door and fire call points are next to the front and back door.

The user will comply with all relevant Health & Safety legislation. For more detail please refer to the Health & Safety Information.

Please make the Business Hub aware if you will be creating any additional hazards. If any of your party has mobility difficulties please inform the Concierge (for fire evacuation purposes).

In line with Health & Safety policy, fire exits and corridors must remain unobstructed. In the event of an emergency, the user is required to follow staff instructions and those of the emergency services, and comply with emergency evacuation procedures.  The location of the nearest emergency exit will be advised on arrival.

Room Hire Rates

Prices are GST exclusive.  An invoice will be sent shortly after your meeting has been held. 

Rooms are available for hire in 30 minute blocks between 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Please allow set-up and clean-up in your booking time.

Outside of these hours will be via special arrangement and at additional cost. A Business Hub member will need to be on site for security and health & safety reasons. Click here for Room Hire Rates.


If your plans change, or you no longer require your booking, please let us know so that we may give others the option to utilise this space. 

We require 7 working days for a cancellation otherwise we will invoice you 50% of your original booking.


Users are expected to leave the facilities in an acceptable state of cleanliness. 

Floors and tables should be left clean and tidy after events.  Rubbish bins assigned to each room are to be emptied in the large rubbish and recycle bins located in the rear covered carpark as appropriate. 

All furniture to be placed back in original position, lights and air conditioner turned off. If you leave a mess a $50 charge will be incurred.


Our meeting rooms are on two levels.

When making a booking please consider access requirements for all your guests as there is only stair access to Rooms 4 & 5. 

Our Concierge is happy to discuss this with you.


Space is extremely limited. No items should be stored on the premises unless requested and agreed by the Concierge.

The Hawke’s Bay Business Hub does not assume responsibility for any such belongings left on the premises.

Emergency Procedures

1. All hirers and any other person undertaking work on behalf of the hirer and their employees are expected to familiarise themselves with the location of the exit pathways, assembly point and alarm call point positions.

2. If the fire alarm system has been activated then there is an emergency situation and all persons should evacuate immediately.

3. In the event of an emergency the hirers and any other person undertaking work on behalf of the hirer must follow all reasonable directions given by Event Facilities staff, fire wardens, security personnel or emergency services.

4. Assist mobility impaired persons where possible.

5. The building / areas may not be re-entered until the all clear is given by the head fire warden or emergency service personnel.

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